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     I use to be insecure. I just wanted to feel sexy and good about myself. No one really understands and they think it's vein to be this way but I really hated my little butt. I really wanted to make my but bigger. I used to cry sometimes because I would see my boyfriends ex's and I'd just feel bad when he would tell me he liked girls with bug butts. Obviously he liked me for me or we wouldn't be together but I still couldn't help feeling like I was just a little less attractive.

    I was looking up plastic surgery sites when I seen an advertisement. It had the funniest headline so I clicked on it and it too me to the webpage I was a bit of a skeptic. I usually need a contact number before I order but the email support was fast and they answered my few questions so I trusted them enough to order. After all, it wasn't like I was spending thousands of dollars and they had a no questions asked money back guarantee. The money back guarantee really sold me!

    I tried Bootyology 101 for 1 day before I fell of the band wagon because I got sick. Come to find out, I don't have to use the program every day! I noticed results when my bf told me he couldn't believe it but my butt was getting bigger. He told me it was impossible and you got to be black to have a big butt. He was really amazed and LOVES to show me off... particularly because he himself loves to spill the beans on how I did it because he's still wowed by the results and how much bigger my butt has gotten.

     This is an amazing book that will really teach you how you can get a bigger butt fast. I got a bigger butt fast. It's 2 month later and my results are amazing! I have this big bubble butt and my hubby can't keep his hands off of my butt. I get a lot more attention which I would say is the worst part? I only say this because I have a husband and it can get awkward at times.

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